Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-14 23:11:15 (UTC)

Barbara-ism Begins At Home.

I love that title. Its only a little appropriate, and only
then as a quick reference to how I've become so much more
acquainted with my housemate's girlfriend since she left
town last year - funny how that happens. I suppose its
because we speak on the phone "Yeah, he's just got
it...I'll take you upstairs...wait, yeah he's in there"
kind of thing, but anyways, that's a good thing, that I'm
getting to know people who feature in my life.

Any other exciting developments? Well, I've got the go
ahead on my dissertation, so I'll be spending a lot of
time proving/disproving theories of metaphor, well, more
tweaking them, in reality.

Seen 2 films over the last two days. The Sweetest Thing
promised much, and provided the thing in question came at
the top of Cameron Diaz's legs or in Christina Applegate's
bra, then the film delivered, but having a 2-body-part
focused film designed for girls is a bad idea. Yeah, maybe
they were trying to entice guys with their 'look at her
boobs' bits, but it didn't really work, and we're only
going to spread word as to how bad the film, especially
its Penis Song, which has to be heard to be believed, was.

2nd film was a classic, Beverly Hills Cop. OK