=-this is me-=
2003-03-14 22:56:08 (UTC)


song of the day- my goddess by the exies
how do i feel- anxious!!
rating of today (1 to 10)- 10

oh ches we so leave in 2 days! i am so freaking excited!
lol. ok update. i don't even know if i said i liked josh or
not, but i have officially declared us as friends. lol. ya
today in pe i figured out that he and i are just good
friends. we played basketball for an hour. oh ya, that was
so much fun! lol. dude i put on all my ski crap the other
day. that sutff is hot. lol. matt is supposed to call me
today. i didnt write yesterday (and maybe the day before
too, i can't remember) because i was ski shopping. i got a
lot of stuff and then matt called. turns out he almost
didn't get to go on ski trip. that woulda sucked big money
balls. lol. he failed 3 classes (later to find out that 2
of them were screwed up, thank goodness)so ya he can go.
but he scares me. he's like literally suicidal. which is
scary. he said he'd kill himself if he couldn't go. seems
drasticbut it's him, he gets off balance sometimes.

oh ya i got grades too. dude i'm failing math, but who's
not?!?! i have a 65 lmao. oh well screw that. it's not like
im gonna need it or anything, sheesh. that's al i'm failing
which is a good thing. my dad would flip out if i failed
anything else. so ay anyways, sorry this is so short, but i
have things to do for ski trip. dude, 2 days!! lol i'll
catch ya later!