ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2003-03-14 22:40:37 (UTC)

another Friday

Today wasn't that bad, now that I think about it. I met w/
Maggie S, Maggie Mae, Margaret and Michael in the piano
lab for flute choir cuz Ms. Lee asked us to watch her
daughter, Sophie. She's soooo cute!!!! Eeesh then I found
out that Dr. Edwards wanted my trio to play for her and
the rest of the violin students in the recital hall so she
could hear us before we perform on the Tuesday recital cuz
of the accredidation thing. Great. Of all the woodwind
chamber groups, they choose my trio. We are gonna suck
major ass Tuesday. I'm gonna feel sooooo bad if ppl start
laughing when we're done. I would run off and cry

Me and Maggie S are going downtown (no more campus
restriction!!!) to order boutonnieres for David and Adam.
Margaret might give us her order to place seeing how she's
still on campus restriction. I think a single white rose
will be nice for Adam. That's all I'm expecting--something
totally simple. That's how my dress is--straight dark
blue. Itz a two-piece, strapless gown. I like it...and I
didn't have to pay much for it. I'm glad it still fits.
Next year I can wear my maroon one I planned on wearing
this year. That'll be fun. I'm just gonna get my nails
done before I come back from Spring Break. Me and Margaret
are gonna experiment w/ our hair this weekend to see
what'll be easy and look good. Gotta make a list of stuff
to bring back for that too.

Next weekend I'm going to New York for my grandmother's
80th birthday...but I'm also gonna visit NYU and Julliard
and see RENT. I can't wait. Mom and Sarah are gonna fly
back Sunday night while me and Michelle stay til Tuesday
or Wednesday so I can see NYU and Julliard. I'm
excited!!!! Ever since Region weekend I've been into RENT
and now I have the chance to see it on Broadway. About a
week ago the Actor's Guild was on strike but it ended
earlier this week. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able
to see RENT. I think next week I'm going to see if I can
go see BLAST cuz itz at the Peace Center March 18-23. I've
been looking forward to that since the beginning of the
year when I found out that they were coming here.
Hopefully I'll be able to go. BLAST and Phantom of the
Opera are the two main shows I'm really looking forward
to .


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