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2003-03-14 21:51:13 (UTC)

Things are looking good

It has been a while since I have writen, I have just been
caught up in school, and church, and family and friends,
and boyfriends and BLAH a whole lotta other stuff. But
things are good, CJ and I are good, Tiff and I are good, in
fact tomarrow I am going over to her house (YAY!). Aww I
miss that girl! I just love her to death, and i feel really
sry for her. Her mom is being kinda mean, no wait, really
mean. Threatening to take her to live with her dad in New
York! I dont know what I would do if she moved to NY! I
would... idk what i would do but I just dont want her to
leave. I am getting sick, yuk, I hate my alergies, my mom
said that she would take me out driving today but i am too
tired. I was like falling asleep in class, that is when i
wasnt trying to stop my nose from running. YUCK! But any
ways, like I was saying, CJ and I are good, plz deleate the
last message I put up about him. lol Sometimes I just get
scared. He is such a good b/f that I am sometimes think I
am not worthy to have such a sweet guy ( not to mention
that he is SUPER HOTT!)I think I am fallin for him, like
really falling for him but I am scared that he doesnt feel
the same way. IDK But i am not going to worry about it.
Just take one day at a time and let what ever happens
happens. Well I am gonna go now! MUAH!

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