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today is the greatest day
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2003-03-14 12:51:20 (UTC)

Portisehead and friday night at home

Well yes I have been listening to heaps of Portishead.
Portishead are great... I really really respect their form
for the main reason.. I just love it, and also for the
reason that at the time in which their stuff was formed it
was really innovative stuff.. their first album (Dummy -
1994) was very new.. I mean nobody had done that stuff
before... they kinda created this new-agey electric-jazz
genre called trip-hop.. I mean Portihead really we're a
very influencial and ecletic band. Their Influence can be
seen in more contemporary 21st Century stuff.. like the
last two Radiohead Albums particularly.. also in Massive
Attack stuff.. oh man heaps of groups.. anyways yeah
Portishead are very very very very good. Hmmm.. I would
write more about them but all that is really crculating
through my mind at the moment is the cycle of this novel
that I have been reading like crazy town.. since yesterday
afternoon I have roungly plowed through the first 400
pages... I gotta get it read by Wednesday but I wanna
finish it this weekend.. anyways that's why I'm not doing
anything tonight.. so's I can read.. haha and I got the
Footy to keep me company too.. but that just finished and
the Roosters Won... damn SOB's I hate those Sydney dicks..
bloody premiers.. anyways.. hmm I spose I'm feeling alright
at the moment though... even if I am lonely.. and i am
(cry!) at least I've got my book (lame smile) oh well I
prolly should get back to reading it (sigh)Bubye!

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