Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-03-14 05:25:19 (UTC)

I am so sick of my job. I can't believe how annoying the
people I work with are. It was a really long bad night,
since Cheryl and I realized that Gaynell overbooked the
hotel next weekend and of course, her queenieness G takes
every weekend off so she won't have to deal with this
fucking assholes screaming at us bc of her stupidity. PLus
Gaynell called and told Cheryl that she is sick and needs
Cheryl to work her shift tomorrow giving Cheryl overtime.
Between all that, and the cable going out, I gave up and
left an hour early fuck that 6 extra bucks... I really
don't fucking care... I can always come in early tomorrow
and on the weekend. That way get my full 40 hours this
week and if I don't I really don't care...

Well, I very tired and I feel like going to bed.

OH by the way, today I walked again and ate pretty
healthy. Tomorrow I will do it again and again. I will
lose a bunch of weight before I go to Vegas.