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2003-03-14 04:36:04 (UTC)

*DiEt TiMe*

yessss I am NOT fat but I wear a size 4 in pants and I am
5ft short and I weigh 110 BUT I want a 6pack back for this
summer ok .. so today I started my no carbs diet, I cant
eat like practically anything, wanna know what I ate today?
2 CHUNKS OF PEANUT BUTTER! thats all I ate.... but Im not
hungry so its ok, and I work out every other day because I
got my YMCA membership back on tuesday so I will have my
tummy back in no time ;] .. and I will lose faster with
this diet I am on hehehe....yea but I really didnt do
anything today I chilled with emily.. and yesterday I didnt
really do anything and the day before that I went to the
store and I bought a new purse and I rode around around
with my cousin and his friend for a little bit n then I
came home.. n 2morra is friday and im starting the day off
by waking up and then going to the store to buy some
noncarbed food products and then I am going to go work
out ;] .. n then ima most likely come home n chill n then
leave n get bck at like 1230 hehe ..............