Michelle's Journal
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2003-03-14 03:37:35 (UTC)

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Everyday just keeps getting worse! I applied at a store,
I'm not going to say the name on here, but it seemed really
hopeful. I went for an interview yesterday and the woman
who interviewed me said that she liked me and that I
should come in the next day to meet with the woman in
charge of hiring people. So today, I go in there and the
woman who I was supposed to meet with wasn't even there!
One of the employees called her at home to ask her about it
and she said that shes not interviewing anymore people. I
don't know what was going on over there, but I just don't
understand why that one woman told me to even come back.
That whole opperation is a crock of shit! I felt so
physically sick all day because of that. I am so ready to
just give up on the whole job search. I feel like every
place I go to is a dead end. I just don't know what to do
anymore!!!!! I wasn't kidding when I told a couple of
people that I want to to run away to Mexico. I just want to
get away from all this and everything thats been going on.
I need a change and it has to be a good change. But it
seems like every change that does happen is a bad one. My
luck needs to change and it needs to change soon or else I
won't be here to write in this lame diary every