My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-03-14 00:45:20 (UTC)

spring break..?

~ March 13th, 6:24 p.m~

Hey everyone, Well... haha.. what a week ive had!! Im
feeling so freaking great right now, im in an extremely
good mood, which is very weird for me.. haha.
Ok, so i went to Nifers on Tuesday... and we hung out with
KAYLEE!!!! ah man, i cant remember how much fun that chick
was.. shes such a sweetheart.. haha.. so we drove aorund
and went out to eat, and had a freakin good ass time. and
then she had to go home... she was supposed to go to a
movie with us later at the mall, but she couldnt, but it
was nice seeing her for a day! i Love you Girl! so we went
to the mall.. bought tickets for the movie.. but we found
some friends of ours, and didnt end up going. We also
picked up Scott sometime during that day and he was with us
for about an hour. hes such a sexy beast. Ah.. haha. Okay,
so Wen. Jennifer has gituar at some place off 635 and
preston *haha.. mallori and nifer driving 635!* so we start
that way... and naturally.. we get lost. ha. So we call
almighty super joe! *he lives like. .54 seconds from the
mall, wich is right across the street* and he shows us how
to get there. So. We follow him, and when Jen goes in for
her lession, i drive around with Joe for an hour and a
half. Oh My. thats all i have to say. Why people give this
guy a car.. i do not know. so, after the
54705723480578307 "OH LOOK MALLORI, WERE IN BRITIAN!!"
experiences.. and killing a already dead squirrel 5
times.. and hitting 45 trash cans.. FOR NO REASON. Chasing
down random people through dallas, being cought on fire..
seeing the "trash can o' fire" .... *axe body spray = very
very very flameable..*.. then going to the mall, and tring
to stop joe from stealing... ..mints... and.. old womans
clothing.. and... plants (?).. we leave. tring to kill
mating pegions.. and anything else that Joe happend to
think of. I get in the car with Jennifer, and we leave.
WELL.. since Joe, is.. Joe, he follows us. for about an
hour.. haha.. yes. And then he breaks up with Jenny. (this
girl hes been on and off with for a while).. and Jenny was
paranoid the whole time Joe was cheating on her the whole
time with me.. (bc i am his most recent ex before her) and
so, yeah, when he breaks up with her.. he decides to tell
her me and him are back together. WELL.. this plan is
REALLY going to work. haha. So. Me and Jen go home.
Then, around 6. Scott calls complaing on how hes bored.
So, we go pick him up. and chill with him until like,
10:30. Now. what happend in the 6 - 10:30 time frame.. is
a TOTALLY differnet story ;o). haha. so, just dont ask.
You prob. dont wanna know.. or.. you already do. haha. Bc
im Mallori, and hes Scott. End of story. OKAY, so. then
today, we didnt wake up until like. 3. then we im STACIE!!
(me Jen and Stacie used to be together 25-8.. we were
unseperatble..) but. we handnt done anything in a while, so
she comes over to Jens, and we take the convertable and
drive around for like, 3 hours. I had some cigarettes, it
was nice. Lol.. i love driving in the convertable, you can
smoke SO easily, and it was so pretty out side the last 3
days.. *sigh*.. yes. So ,tomorrow Callie is coming over
for the night, and then Saturday i think Me, Callie,
Jennifer, and Staice are all going to go to Six Flags...
that still needs to be worked out.. haha. Well ok.. i have
so much crap to do.. ttyl!