it's one crazy, fucked up (boring) l
2003-03-13 23:30:53 (UTC)

typical day...

Oh shit. What a day...
I got asked to go to the ROTC ball today by Richie, the
dance is next week..some notice, huh? Oh well, I already
have a dress for the prom, so I'll just use that one. It
should be fun. Whit will be there, but she probably will
hang out with Nellie, hopefullly other people I know will
go too. SCHOOL SUCKS!!! I have so much other stuff in life
to do, and school shouldn't be one of them. Our hallway
for spirit week BLEW as always.Who ever though up an
underwater...oh no, no sorry..a caribbean theme anyway?
Nobody in our class cares about it...I said simpsons, but
did anyone listen to me? you bet your ass they didn't. We
have horrible class officers, and nothing is goign to get
done this year! I mean, we were told that we were having a
dinner cruise, and it would only be like $30 a ticket, and
now they are saying that it would be 80 so we can't go.
GAYYYYYY! Yeah so me and Kyler have been going out for a
year and 10 months(yesterday)...a loooong time! Sometimes
it doesn't feel all that long, and other times it feels
like an eternity. I don't know what I would do without him
though. He is like my life. I really don't kow what i
would do without him.....really. I don't have too many
friends anymore, and i really miss it...the disadvantage
of having a boyfriend. SUmmer with him will be so fun
though...since he has his license and a car and all. HAHA
I get my license this summer!!!! It will be great! I have to finish
fuckin drivers ed though. I can't
wait to go to the beach and go up to maine! yeah but i
don't feel like ttyping anymore...

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