2003-03-13 23:18:31 (UTC)

a kool thursday

ok so not many of my thursday's are kool but today is an exception,
i had a really good thursday. i coach track after work so i today
when i got there it was only drizzling out. we got our warm-up(mile
warm-up) in before it really started coming down. it was great tho,
we were running our loops(loop=1 1/2 miles) as it was pouring on us.
i told them if they didn't want to run today i'd let them go in the
weight room and lift but they wanted to run. they said they weren't
wimps like the other sports that let the rain stop their practice,
now that's the attitude i love hearing, sheer determination. so we
had a great time running through the rain. after practice some of
them were gonna play football so they invited me to play with them
and who am i to turn down football in the rain?!?! we played for
about an hour maybe two. man we were filthy when we were done, mud
was all over our clothes and body i think the only place i didn't
get it was in my mouth and eyes. i never felt so good while be so
filthy. the only bad thing about that is i know i'm going to be sore
in the morning. which reminds me...i had a great sleep last night. i
had this dream about our wedding. it was so magical, not everything
went perfect but it all worked out great in the end. it ended up
being on a reclusive beach that had these surpassingly beautiful
flowers. it was a small wedding, only family and very close friends,
it kept it more intimate i believe. the dress was one of the designs
i came up with myself, it was strapless with a heart-cut top with a
criss-cross pattern in the back(in other words open back with criss-
crossed fabric)and the bottom half of the dress was the most
ravishing part of the dress, there wasn't a trail but the bottom was
just perfect, i just can't put it into words.the brides' maids wore
a beautiful lavender form-fitting dress that looked great on all of
them. it was so relaxing hearing the waves crashing against the
shore while the ceremony was going on. i mean i couldn't have asked
for a better wedding, i was marrying the guy i love, my family and
friends were there and it was so beautiful. it was so perfect any
woman would be jealous of what i had in that dream. i want to move
somewhere that damian and i will both be happy. i don't think it
would be fair if only one of us moved even tho i love my house
dearly, i'm willing to make sacrifices for my baby, he's the best
and deserves all the happiness in the world. well i'm gonna end this
entry. song of the entry: "every now and then"-FFH