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2003-03-13 23:16:55 (UTC)

VERY angry

Here's the story. Tomorrow is a concert that I have tickets
for that I'm going with my best friend and my mom. But I
just found out a few minutes ago that my parents are
dragging me to a concert TONIGHT! I agreed to go tomorrow,
not today. Yes, I did say I'd go to both the concerts in
March but how was I supposed to know they'd be scheduled
like this! It's bad enough I had FCAT on Tuesday and
Wednesday plus a 100 question filled math test to take today
but to go to a concert! I'm going to explode!!!!! The last
thing I want to do right now is go to a concert. I was
really hoping to write a letter to my friend, start my essay
for a contest I'm entering, and possibly update one of my
fanfiction stories. But NOOOO!!!!!!! I have to go to a
stupid concert.

Update: I convinced my mom into not making me go and I'm much happier

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