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2003-03-13 22:24:09 (UTC)

I never have to pretend i love you...

I am in the midst of making 18 cakes, for del's 18th
birthday. That is a lot of cake!!! So far I've made 8. Her
birthday is tomorrow.
Last night i talked to matt, he told me that he likes me...
i told him that i need time though, cos i don't even know
him. But he seems cool, I just don't know how I'm gonna
balance Nathan and a boyfriend. Cos I can just see it
now...they would both be hecka jealous of each other....and i can't
imagine trying to decide who i want to hang out with, my boyfirend,
or nathan...that would be hecka hard. I don't even know if I want a
REAL boyfriend. I know I always say I do, but when it's like for
reals, I don't even know if I really want it. I'll make up my mind
eventually... but until then I'll do my best not to lead
him on, or to make him think that I'm not interested... why
is being a girl so difficult??? Meanwhile...I think going to
the MORP (prom backwards) with him next friday. I still have to ask
my parents....(good luck)