Watch me lose it...
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2003-03-13 22:05:27 (UTC)

I'm not gonna fight you

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I got no time
For bitch ass mutherfucking wiggas
Who be pulling their triggers and not taking care of
And for all of us mutherfuckers who are going non violent
You'll hear no bullet fire, fighting words fade to silence
Cos the art of killing people isnt extactly a precise
All that really matters is more respect, more compliance
But sometimes you find you just gotta deal with defiance
And whent that time comes you might have to reach for the

I find myself dealing with people who are hating me
45 year old children who are trying to breaking me
Bitches that are raping me

The reasons are escaping me
I keep my own mind open
I realise its them eventually

But sometimes its important to keep your head on solid
Despite what someone said, theres no reason to be found
In beating on each other to death, violence goes round and
An endless circle
I'd much rather be spending my time in sound
Writing some rhymes
So put your fucking fists down
I'm not going to fight you, I just wanted to say


I really dont want to play these silly games that you play,
I dont want to be friends with you..'m not gay!
I dont want to talk to you tommorrow...and no not today!

You had your chance bitch, and treated me like shit
All those stupid jokes and comments just got to me a bit
I didnt find them funny...burst out laughing in fits
I'd rather be sucking on some fat bitches tits
Than hearing the shit play over and over
I don't care anymore...just face it its over
And get yourself someone else to hate
Some other misery to create
Don't email me no more
Dont use the word "mate"
You were never my friend
I'd just used you but wait
Did I say not violent?
Its generates hate, and now its too late
To turn back be safe
Perhaps its fate?
Or maybe not...maybe this is my fault? Its your fault? Fuck
this ...I'm not trading these insults!
I'm not dealing in punches or saying sorry mails
I'm not a pussy like you bitch...I'm harder than nails
So while your so strong with your fists, your a pussy with
My mind is alot stronger, I might be mentally disturbed
But peoples postition to listen is forever reserved
But you just talk shit, your hatred is deserved
Make peace with yourself first before you leave earth

Cos theres more punch in a word than fist
More power than a bullet when you write like this
When I strike like this, I simply take aim...I can NEVER
So just leave me alone...bitch go home
No interest in you anymore I'm too far grown
And you are too
45..pick on me? I'll pick on you...