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2003-03-13 18:41:53 (UTC)

Yes Miss

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There was a big blow out in college on tuesday with me and
one Mr Farouk patel (if thats how you spell his name). I
don't really want to write about it really but.. It
basically concerned him been giving me mouth everyweek, lots
and lots...and also generally pissing other people
off..resulting in me asking him what his fucking problem was
and giving him a "I feel like putting you on your arse for
the way you've treated me today.."
Which he didnt like and decided to start throwing his arms
about and shouting and acting like a child giving a " get
out of my face in 5 seconds or I'll punch you".
To cut a long story short...hes a wanker (a bigger wanker
than Gary) and I asked him to just leave me alone and I'll
just leave him alone. Still..he had to email me with "just a
few points about the antics of today.." blah blah..and so on
and so on..just stay away from me you twat and that'll be
fine..thankyou farouk.
Not going to college next tuesday which I'm ThANKING Gary for.
With Richard being away me and Gary have been kind of...I
dunno...closer this week. Today we went to the pub and he
even gave a short "You dont really hate me do you..."
bit...To which I told him I did and I'd kill him if I
thought I could get away with it etc etc...but then
justified it by telling him about Farouk and that I hated
him more.
Gary wants me to be in to go to a remote site for the
installtion of the new CRIS system on I'm gonna
email Gorman and tell him to tell Alison I cant be in on
tuesday...I wont give a reason...maybe let Farouk sweat a
bit, thinking I'm pissed off, working on something to get
him back.
Thats good. Also good this week...I'll get the weeks holiday
in two weeks rather than having to go in on Wednesday.
Jackie has rescheduled Thomas's induction. So the only day
I'll have to bother with is the a test and have
to hand in coursework. Nightmare there...nevermind.,
Not heard anything back from the bannana people. Maybe thats
a no go. Have to wait yet and see.
Met a interesting girl last night while buming about on
chat. Just Mistress C.C Very interesting young woman who
actually gave me her email address...I'm going to email her
in a moment. See what comes of it. I guess its all part of
the learning experience.
Add to this the fact we're now about 50 people away from
getting broadband here....things in general are not
bad....its looking long will it last?

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