Fishnet Goddess

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2003-03-13 18:11:32 (UTC)

2 Bunnies Survived

Two of the bunnies from May's litter survived (out of
7), and they're doing really really good. All the other
ones never really grew, and they died. I think they all had
internal problems because May's so young (she was barely 6
months old before she had them) and her brother's the
father. The 2 that survived are sooo cute, and they're
growing really fast. One's white and one's gray. We had to
separate Thor from May and the buns because he'd just get
her pregnant again. I'm sure he won't harm the bunnies, but
he can't be left alone with May because I can't stand to
watch another bunch of babies die. So they're separated
until he's old enough to be fixed.
Okay, nothing else really going on, I haven't written
because I've been sick with strep throat...bye

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