2003-03-13 16:21:39 (UTC)


i don't know why i'm still writing in this thing.. but i'm
bored so yeah. here's a random list.
- people suck.
- my day isn't good.
- i am wearing red socks.
- i wish people were cool.. lol.
- nobody tells me anything anymore, i realized that
today but i guess im just not a trusting good friend, oh
well though.
- justin told me last night we never have anything to talk
about so i guess that's a good thing because i don't
have any drama in my life :)
- chewbacca is in my class right now wearing a tiny
yellow shirt. ewwww haha.
- i dislike lots of people but i don't know why. it's not
something that i'm like' ' i hate them' but when i see
them, i don't really like who they are. but whatever- lol.
- i need to go to the store.
- my hand fell asleep while i am typing. weird stuff yo'
- i have nothing to do tonight, i'll try and go to kohl's or
something. yeaaaah.
- i can't type any more because my hand fell asleep. oh
well, i'm in a not good mood so i will just go to sleep.
later sluts.