Life as it is
2003-03-13 16:15:04 (UTC)

Revisiting The Mac

Today was a bit more of the same dullness of
everyday. Still in school however, so that doesnt allow
for some minor distraction doing my physics homework
or perhaps playing some DaoC, which while it doesnt
thrill me, it makes the time pass, on to the next day
when I have to figure out all over again what to do, sigh.
Just finished my response journal for Media & Film.
It was alright, I think I'm really into the mood of trashing
the films we are watching but that is what makes a
good critic is it not? Either way it doesn't matter what i
get, makes no difference to my life.
Perhaps the tad of good news for the day, yesterday
the guy that was meant to buy my computer actually
showed up and bought it! So now I'm waiting for me to
be back home so I can take the load of cash and go buy
myself the much needed amp. Still trying to save up for
that sony-ericsson though, and I couldn't convince my
mother to chip in on the amp, so I guess I'll have to
save up. Anyway, i don't plan to make this as long as
the first entry although it might end up doing so. I got to
check out the jaguar OS X for the mac today which will
be installed here in school sometime soon. I cant wait.