Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-13 12:38:28 (UTC)

The Resurrectionists

I am trying to read this novel (the resurrectionists - by
Kim Wilkins) for Creative writing. It is like 550 pages
long and i'm trying to polish the most of it off over the
next 2 days.. I started it today and it has to be read by
next Wednesday.... I've set out to read the first 200 pages
today.. though i started reading it at like 2pm and kinda
got lazy so now it's like 10pm and i have 80 more pages to
go.. oh well reading by yourself in the dark in a quiet
house in the weee hours of the morning is very cool.. so
i'll enjoy myself i'm sure. I'm listening to Portishead -
Over.. i really love Portishead... they used to be like one
of my fav bands up there with Radiohead. Hmmm i need to
become obsessed with them again.. i spose i just forgot
about them. Tommorrow i will listen to them all day and I
will compose an entry as to why I LOVE portishead. I am
having a deep and meaningful with my old friend Renee...
this takes me back to Gr 11... me and her used to always
chat for hours on MSN. Wow! Renee was the best friend.. on
my last day of school she was the only person who when I
hugged her i just started crying.. like i have no idea why
i cried over missing renee and nobody else but like just
huggin her and thinking that i might never know this
awesome person again moved me so much.. treasure life.. and
treasure people before they die. Oh well haha.. I gotta go
read. Oh bye the way i got caught by the ticket inspectors
on the train last night... never happened before.. i was
trying to not laugh to tell you the truth.. it was funny
haha... anyways. goodnight.. and always remember to bye a
ticket when you are using the Queensland rail service. THE