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2003-03-13 12:26:03 (UTC)

WAAAAAR (huh) good god y'all

Aahh yes, 60s war anthems. wunderbar, aren't they?
Yeah, I've been thinking about the situation here. The day
before yesterday, an Iraqi came to speak at our school.
SURPRISE SURPRISE! He's not a towel wearing dark skinned
devil. He looks American. In fact, he IS half American,
but he blends in in Iraq. That means, he's not the only
Iraqi that can pass for American. I wonder how all the
little uneducated war freaks feel about this...OUR ENEMY
sad thing is, a lot of people will consider that news.
Like it actually makes a difference to them that not every
Iraqi is a "dirty Muslim"...**sigh** I hate war.
Don't get me wrong, I do believe action should be taken
against Saddam. He's a bastard. An evil bastard. And even
though he used to be OUR evil bastard and we gave him
weapons and other warfare for the war against Iran, he is
no longer ours. He turned against us. And now he's just
acting like a bastard. I'm rambling. The point is, yes to
force against Saddam. No to a war that would kill
thousands of innocent citizens. Iraq is shit-holish enough
without us bombing the hell out of them.

Eh. I guess that's it. Hope y'all had fun reading this.

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no
fooling around,

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