the devil
2003-03-13 10:36:47 (UTC)

Hello Everybody-PLEASE READ! my first write up!

hello, this might be long, so please settle back and read
my first entry and i spose i better tell everyone who
might stumble across this diary who i am and what im like
First off, im starting i just needed soemthing to write
everything down, i have a best friend, a BEST friend in
the world, but sometimes talking about it just seems wrong
and its too hard to put into thinking words. but it almost
seems easier to type down and even though the description
may make little sense, it feels better to get out on
writing, and know htat some people i have never known
before might read.
tonight just memories nad feelings were brought back to
mind and i thought, i could use a diary. i shall use this
opportunity to tell you all that there may be typos and i
really do not like to correct. actually i do, im a bit oif
a perfectionist, but when im writing something from my
head i prefer to not stop. Furthermore, if i make
actuall "spelling" errors, and if you can seperate these
from the typos, please inform me.
so even though only one of my friends is aware of me
having this journal, she has no idea where it is and i
think she wont find it, but i still wont name myself,
but i can go by demon or devil.
and after that, i shall inform you im not a goth, im not a
devil worshipper or anything like that. but for some
reason the stereotypical image of the devil and hell (big
red guy with horns and stuff in burning pits) has always
sort of interested me, and for this reason i like to go by
the alias of devil or demon.
im in year 10 at a school in melbourne, australia. im not
a loner ( i dont like to use that disgusting term, but for
now it shall do ) but im no pop prince.
im shortish, compared to most other people, black hair,
usually in some crazy spikey sort of thing, brownish eyes,
but i dont think physical details are mof much importance
at the moment.
so yeah, im not dumb, im not a boaster, but i would tihnk
im pretty smart, im no complete maths whiz, but i do my
work well and i usually get high on tests and stuff, i can
write a decent thing usually, and im definately no
ordinary science, its probabl m favourtie subject and i
usually get pretty high marks, which is good,
i dont have low self esteem, i tihnk compared to alot of
the teeny bnopper people i know, i have pretty high self
esteem, i rarley put myself down. i dont go around
saying "oh man im so fat, im gonna diet" because im not.
(and please dont think im arrogant)
i have a good mind, most people know im smart etc. and i
can be funny , a sarcastic smartass lol, im not a
troublemaker. i dont go round breaking windows. i care
about people if they are down, i like company. i guess im
mostly average in those aspects. i enjoy the company of my
friends, in particular my best friend ever.
i like comptuers, to chat to play games, you know i like
the way they work, i used to LOVE them and want to be a
programmer n stuff, but meh, im a bit behind in that, i
spend most of the time on it lol.
i play bass guitar, although i only had it for a few
weeks, i need to get myself a teacher. my friends play
guitar n stuff so when i get good we can have some fun.
im a year younger than most year 10'ers so im 14 turning
15 on the 29th of april.
spekaing of music, i prefer rock , alternative punk, a bit
of ol stuff beatles are great, ben harper rocks like hell.
them so much.... and so sadly ive never seen them live..
so anyway, as i write more and more i think about all the
stuff that i wil be putting in here, events at shcool
things with friends, and i think theres no point making up
a bunch of names for my friends, so ive decided to use
their real names. if one stumbles hear then i guess ill
just talk, i spose i wouldnt mind too much, but the whole
secrecy thing makes me feel better.
ahh i forgot, im anti drug... well most drug, getting
drunk is ok, an experience ive only had twice, and not
compltely pissed, but pretty fun, i hate smoking n stuff
like that,.
so as i said earlier im a bit of a perfectionist, which is
strange since my room is usually trashed with clothes. i
like to correct people hwen they make mistakes which
frustates people lol, i like to be right, i like to solve
problems, if someone says something i like to think about
it and give a reasonable logic solution even when they are
just joking around lol

so yeah, hopefully you wouldve built up a reasonable
picutre of what im like, and hopefully not a bad one

now onto the whole life thing!
im in year 10, so thats a fair few years of strange
im nmo stud, ive had 3 girlsfriends, two in primary school
which lasted like 6 months, but strangely nothign
phsycial ever happened, and a 2 week fling in year 7 which
was pointless, no physical sid either, but that didnt
bother me so much in the way that i "wasnt getting any"

so, this best friend of mine, david. hes a great guy. a
GREAT guy. (did i mentino im a guy), hes so smart. hes an
english guy he love shistory he plays guitar, hes so
he has the best friendmakign skills, he can make friends
with like anyone he wants, if he wants to. he has great
taste in music and stuff, hes just an all round great guy,
hes only human though and has emotinos and feelings, but
in a way i see him as perfect.
some girls wouldnt say hes a stud either, but hes just
such a great guy. and to me hes just like perfect. to me
he can just like do anything, he always tells me bout how
he makes new friends, when im a bit different i mean, dont
get me wrong we bond like hell. but we have soem
differences but i love him in that best friend way.

hes always been there for me. and i am always there for
him. so tonight after watching the comedy hospital
show "scruds" which usually has some emotional meaning i
got all emotional and depressed, only last night iw as
reading all these past emails about this best frinedi used
to have melissa, she was great she was SUCH a great
friend, we also bonded, but things happened (another write
up for that!) and now we arnet really friend,s we dont
disliek each other but i thinky ou understand.
but all tehse emails from like a year ago saying hwo much
she liked the friendship and etc etc. made me depressed
and i miss her so much. but yeah, shes a great gal.
so i dont know, i got so depressed i guess i had to vent
soem depression into this diary, and i was pretty pissed.
beacuse most friends are on this ""
thing, and i tried it and hte stupid fucking site wouldnt
work. so then i tried this other cool
one "" and you need soem stupid code
thing which m friend chucked away and my other friend is
gone. so i might get it off her and switch over or
something but well see how this one goes/works.
so then i searched under google an this one came, it
looks alright.
so yeah
the most importnat friend atm is david, ill refer to him
as barda thats his last name....david barda.
and yeah, i guess as times go on ill just introduce more
people on and on.
well this is quite a logn writeup i think so ill draw it
to the end. i saw alot of people putting the current song
they were listening to on other peoples diaries on other
site. i thought it was a good thing. wether that was a
function or if they wrote it im not sure..
but for the moment ill include
farewell everyone, nice of you to read! well i hope you
ahve gotten this far down

**Current Song = Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals-
Beloved one**