hello kitty cat
2003-03-13 06:31:10 (UTC)

thought this was funny...

So I recieved these lovely little letters from Jason's new
heart-throb---isn't it great to know that your
exboyfriends new girlfriend checks your diary? (: haha.

From: [email protected]
Hi kelly.. I just thought i'd let you know that guy must
really ignorant to think you're beautiful and want to fuck
you. I figured when you said... OH she just got in a
terrible wreck and is at home. how the fuck do people
in 'terrible' wrecks go home the same day. yeah real
smooth :) He is very much like you. maybe you should have
given him a chance.

*megan* (i love jason)
oh yeah...remember when i used to IM jason and you would
on.. that's megan... ME