The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-03-13 05:23:51 (UTC)

kristens a bitch

omg i fucking hate kristen sooooooo much uhhhg sry i
havent written ive got sum funny stories but omg uhhhg so 2
day at lunch ok kristen like is being mean and stuff and
all the sudden she strts saying at the lunch table laurens
a bitch so i blow it off and im like u know wuts funny
bitch rhymes w/ snitch lol and like id laf and stuff but
she keept saying it so i say sumfin 2 birttany and kristens
like "did we ask" and im like whoa so she starts talking
about the play so im like "did we ask" to be funny but she
was like seriously mad so i wouldnt look at her i juz ate
and kinda spaced out then i get up and walk start 2 walk
outside and kristens like we need 2 talk so im like kristen
i dont want to talk 2 u about this rite now im stressed
enuf w/ cheer try outs enuf rite now i dont need this so
she stats talking ne wayz i walk away and start 2 go into
the bathroom which is locked by the way great luck im
having then i pace like 1ce b 4 she comes up and starts
talking again so im like kristen i dont wantto talk 2 u
rite now about this but nooooo so she starts on meh on how
im not considerate how i put her down make fun of her screw
up her self esteem and as she talking im stressing about
muh backhandspring and im like kristen so i start 2 defend
muhs elf and all the sudden i start crying she pissed meh
off so much that i did and i neevr cry at skool i think the
girls that do r sooooo stupid so im like wtf so shes like
lets hug and make up and shit so i hug her and walk off ms
alkon stops meh in the hall and told meh 2 go to the
bathroom and clean up b4 i go 2 class and she come and pep
talks meh on how girls r cats

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