It smells like poop over here
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2003-03-13 04:50:16 (UTC)

and when she died, i couldn't cry

that's all me, well put rex from pantera.
it was 3-11 yesterday, and i finally got my crop circle
tattoo. it looks pretty cool...i think. i dunno, i gotta
live with it forever, might as well like it. i think it
looks pretty good, and i think im gonna get it filled in
with red, that'd be badass.
wicked bad party at mikes. i had to play daddy, emily
was too drunk, jared punched a hole in the wall after dave
poured a beer on him, laura was flipping out cause she's a
head case who likes two guys, mike was pissed b/c freak
went off with some other guy named mike and trisha needed
to leave but was still too intoxicated. i was messed the
fuck up, but i made like an extra $40 after the cost of the
i dunno, i think im just gonna go to bed, kristen and
devon....that's all i gotta say about that. PEACE