The crazy world of me
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2003-03-13 04:27:01 (UTC)

What the hell

What is up kids? I really wish that this umm lets see
whats it called ummmmm emotional roller coaster I am on
would just stay on a steady track. Today was like and up
and down day. One minute I would be fine and the next I am
thinking stupiod shit. I think I need some help what do
you guys think? So I keep thinking to about cutting like
every time I feel like crap and I start to walk down
staires to do it and I have the strength to not do it but
what scares me is that I even keep thinking about doing
it. I wish I would of never done it that first time
because I know it don't solve anything because as soon as
I am not worried about my leg bleeding I think about my
problems again. Then I cry because I can't believe I hurt
myself. I don't know why this crap with Ricky is messing
me up so much. I really feel like I don't care but then
its like I get upset we don't talk. I want to be friends
with the kid. And i know he needs me just like he did
before. I don't know but i am going to go because i have
to be up at like 5.

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