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2003-03-13 04:22:15 (UTC)

My Day

Well today was an ok day. It was the same rotine. I got up,
Took a shower, went to skool, played football, and came
home, called my b/f , and then called my best friend. I had
fun playing football (as usual)! But something really
bothered me. My friend Anthony wants me to hang out with
him all the time now. But i dont really have fun when i
hang out with my old friends. And plus i really like to
hang out with my new friends and boyfriend. The problem is
that the two different groups are completely different.
Anthony's group like cristian club, and they dance, and
there graceful. Johnny(my b/f)groups is all tough and rough
and they really dont have a religon. And that is who i am.
So i dont no how to tell anthony that with out hurting his
feelings. Big bro if you are reading this help!!!
~little changes

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