I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-03-13 04:01:36 (UTC)

Haven't Been Writing

It's weird, but I feel guilty for not writing in here
lately. I just haven't had anything to write about and/or
the energy to do so. I've been sick as you all well know,
so I think that has been a large contributing factor to
the lack of entries. I've been drugging myself up with
Nyquil for the past two nights and though talking to me
when I'm on medication is very funny, I don't last long in
the world of the living (aka awake). I won't be updating
starting Friday cause I'm leaving for CA! *doing a happy
dance of joy* I only have one class tomorrow and plan on
spending the rest of the day cleaning and packing. I'm
also working on getting rid of this damn cold ASAP cause
flying with it would blow. Plus, who wants to be sick on

In other news, I had a small fight with my manager today.
Maybe it's a power struggle, maybe it's stress, I really
have no idea what it is, but we've been getting on each
other's nerves lately. I have tried to talk to her about,
but then she tells me that she isn't going to talk to me
when I'm snippy. This is really getting old. Maybe my week
off will soften her mood. We'll see.

Okay, getting kinda woozy here, think I'll be heading to
bed. OH! Before I forget, Mackenzie: just relax and see
what happens. It'll all work out for the best. I'm pulling
for you.