ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-13 03:55:13 (UTC)

things i'm glad i know before going to college

...making friends is a lot easier than i thought social security number is my identity
...everyone else is gonna be too wrapped up in their lives
to think about my faults
...stock up on the bare necessities
...falling asleep in class won't get you good grades
...the 'Freshman 15' really does exist
...laundry can accumulate--really fast
...privacy is only a figment of your imagination one's gonna take care of me when i'm sick--SUCK IT UP attention to my body
...procrastinating is the devil--DON'T DO IT
...all-nighters are bad too (you won't look too great in the morning) IS scarce
...dorm life is WAAAAAY different that anything in the world
...I'M ON MY OWN!!!!