All That I Am
2003-03-13 03:44:36 (UTC)

Senseless Violence

I was watching season 3 of the Sopranos today and saw a
woman getting beat to death....and for the first time I
felt repulsed by a t.v. show. I've been disgusted and
grossed out before but I'm pretty jaded when it comes to
violence on t.v. but this definitely crossed the line. The
woman was 20yrs old and pregnant and this guy just beat her
to death because he's a macho asshole. The guy was outside
and started punching her in the stomach (she's fucking
pregnant!) and then kept hitting her in the head until she
stopped moving....then he just walked inside and put his
hand in some ice. I don't know it just really bothered's a show and it's not real but why would you show
that. But then again the Sopranos has always been known for
it's no holds barred take on reality and violence. I think
what bothered me too was how the rest of the guys were
like, "Oh that's too bad, let's get rid of the body".
Anywho, that was my disturbing moment for the day.

I'm actually having a pretty crappy day. I don't feel good,
I'm hungry, and worst yet I have to walk home today. I
really really don't want to but I don't exactly have a
choice. It sucks being broke. I just feel all rotten and
icky right now. I'll write in this a little more later, I'm
going to go grab some grub.

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