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2003-03-13 03:36:28 (UTC)

Fat???? bring it on bitch

I have almost always been made fun of in my life for being
fat. yepp, the word nobody likes. I do admit i am
overweight but i wish people would leave me alone about it.
when people tease me about being overweight i think i wish
they would know what it is like to be an overweight person.
To be one of the slowest, one of the so called "ugly ones"
and one of the people who are sometimes disliked for thing
they might not have anything to do with. There are some
people who get made fun of because they got put on a
special medicine and they gain weight from it. i read that
in a magizine that they can gain like 50 pounds from their
medicine. The other day i got called Fat ass by a little
candian girl who is shorter then most of the
kindergardeners, and it pissed me off so much that i called
her skiny ass. and everybody laughed. it was a good way to
end the fight until she started up again and said "i rather
be skiny then fat." so by this time i was pissed off and i
said, " i rather be 300 pounds overweight then to be you,
you stupid little bitch!!!" we are sorta friends now, it is
a love hate relationship if you will. being made fun have
has not brought me down which people do when they tease
other people, it has only made me stronger. so if that
candian wants a rematch i will kick her ass at a word
fight! bring it on bitch!!!!