Nick's Journal
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2003-03-13 03:27:09 (UTC)


Yeah i went to trinidad to visit ze juliann. of course i
was petrified. 99.9% black people or something like that.
it's not that i don't like black people per se it's just
that i don't like being a minority. anyhow, the country
is beautiful except for the infrastructure. it's a 2nd
world country and the buildings aren't that nice. but
hey, it's not like it was that bad. the people were
exceptionally nice (except for the random crackhead
wanting money). i mean they were so generous, something
that some people i know could learn from. seriously they
never thought of stuff in the concept of
was just natural.
we went through carnival and got smashed and danced, it
was quite cool, and contrary to i did not get
knifed. i think my parents are a bit disappointed i came
back alive i think i piss them off everytime i got to
a "dangerous" country and come back with my testicles
between my legs. i would elaborate on my trip but i'd say
about 98% is none of your fucking business and i'm using
way too many percents in this journal. so i'm going to
talk about airports and that shit.
the tsa (transportation security administration) is shit.
what is this crap? how dare they look in my bag and mess
my shit up? well i fucked with them good on my return
trip. i jerked off into my bag. the problem was though
that when i opened it when i got home someone had jerked
off onto my clothes......fucking animals.
i hate atms. i hate the fucking surcharge. how the fuck
are they going to charge me for money? that's bullshit.
2.75? it should be renamed to an ajm.....automatic jew
machine......boy that's gonna get some replies peppered
with accusations of anti-semitism. anyhow, i loved
trinidadian food, it's sooooooooooo good. mmmmmmmmm, and
i love juliann, and i can't wait to see you in 2 days!!!

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