Queen Kate

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2003-03-13 03:23:40 (UTC)

i fucked a rebok

Well here is the story from A to Z. Well one day during the
time before P.E i was getting changed for class.
Eileen,Izzy, Yeorgia and someother people were in the
locker room too. I was puting on my shrit and i need to put
my shoe because i had, had it in my hand. so i held it
inbetween my legs for a minute like a lot of people do.
Then eileen turned around and yelled so all the little
kiddies could hear it, "kate had sex with a rebok!!!!!" I
was so shocked i started laughing my ass off! And the sad
thing was it was not a rebok, it was a skecher! o well!
there will be more crazy shit to come!