I was hiding under there....
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2003-03-13 03:14:39 (UTC)

who really cares?

Yes well it's about 10 o' clock on let's see what is today?
oh yes wednesday night.

yes, so i am moving in may-june...can't you tell i'm
excited? i really don't want to move but from the reactions
i've gotten from the majority of my friends, it seems like
it may be a good thing. most of them don't bother to dwell
on it anymore than 5 mins and then it's almost as if i
wasn't moving. obviously no one cares, which answers my
question. i can't say no one, i have a couple good friends
who have expresses remorse about it but other than that no
one has an opinion about it.

i hate those really rich kids. not because they have more
money than me but because they freak out if something is
less than $100. i would be lucky to be able to afford
anything anywhere close to $100. i'm sorry but i am one of
those people who shops at wal-mart and target for
EVERYTHING. i heard someone say today when talking about
something not fitting correctly "returning clothes is so
stupid. just go out and by another one, who would ever
return anything?" the whole time i'm wanting to
scream, "well i would" but oh well.

i think i'm bipolar. it seems that way sometimes. that's
another story that i honestly don't have time to go in to.

"...i'm so tired, tired of giving myself to everyone..."

i often feel that way. i am often taken for granted. can't
figure out why everyone seems to think they can do that. i
seem to give more than i get.

well i'm gonna go...there's an interesting show bak
tomorrow maybe


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