Pretty Vacant
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2003-03-13 02:58:12 (UTC)

My first entry

hello new diary. you dont know me so let me introduce
myself... my name is mercedes, but i usually go by mercy
(against my own will). i'm 13. im in 8th grade. im a goth.
i listen to fun music like marilyn manson, nirvana, sex
pistols, pink floyd, weezer, and linkin park. i dont do
much. i live in a little hick town in central illinois.
its about three hours from chicago. but fortunately, i am
moving in august. im going to live with my gramma and
everyone else who lives at her house (like 10 people). she
lives in a suburb of chicago. yay. i was born in chicago
and lived in a suburb until i was four, when my
unfortunate fate came a-calling, and we moved. but yes, i
am soon going to deceive the old bastard fate herself.
this august. have to graduate 8th grade before i move.
then i have to be here for my "friend"'s birthday in july.
so august. a month of joy, joy, and joyful bliss. well not
exactly, but as close as i will come to it. so there is my
humble introduction. love me or hate me. or forget about
me. whichever works best for you.