Queen Kate

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2003-03-13 01:07:04 (UTC)

I'm not 16 and i'm driving

Well it is time for another true life story of mine!!! well
i am in Girl Scouts and mell and abbee are too, and we went
bowling. And we were having a great time and mell had
brought her camera to it and she had taken lots of retarded
pictures of me eariler that day ( me being a frog, me and
my "Big ball ass","tree dancer", and so on). And a few
minutes before we had to leave we wanted to take more
picture of me. well it was just our luck that there was a
fake car that you put quaters in to make it move. and me
and mell were thinking the same thing, lets take pictures
of me riding in the car!!!!! so we were about to start it
when all of the sudden this little kids comes out of no
where and says to us, " this is where you put the
quarters." and i said thanks but i already new that. so i
got in the car and then that stupid little retard kid gets
on the back of the car and he was in some of the pictures
and we told him to get off but he wouldn't. so mell started
to argue with this little 6 year old kid saying, " we gave
you a free ride now get off so i can take pictures!!!!"
finally he got off and we only had about 5 more seconds
lefted on it so we had only 2 pictures of just me! stupid
little retard kid!!! he shgould have given us 50 cents for
the free ride. what a cheep little bastard!!!