My Little World
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2003-03-12 23:42:00 (UTC)

My Mind is Spinning

Have you ever felt so empty that you just feel like doing
nothing at all? GThat how i feel right now....Allen told me
he loved me last night and that he meant it....you all must
be thinking "Poor him...he told her that he loved her and
she doesnt feel the same way" Well, thats NOT true!!! I do
love him!!! People may think that Im too young to be in love
(his mum was 16 when she fell for Joe who was 20) or that
it hasnt been long enough (My parents were married 2 and a
half months after they FIRST met each other) SO dont be
telling me that! But Im writing today becase im worried
about him leaving me....He might be moving (PLEASE DONT BE
MAD AT ME FOR SAYING THAT!) And the US might starting the
draft again......I can deal with him moving away...but i
would die if they drafted him and shipped him to Afganistan
or somewhere like that!....he told me not to think about
it, and i am really trying hard not to, but it seems like i
cant help it and i am trying really hard for him but its
getting harder and harder to do! I pray to God that he
wont take Allen away....he is the most amazing guy i have
ever met in my whole life! he is sweet, kind, gentle, but
i think it goes beyond that...He understands me and loves
me for who i am....not because of what i wear or what i
say! But i am just amazed that a sweet loving guy like
Allen can Love Me! Somehow ( i dont know how) he sees past
my imperfections and still loves me! And i love him, i
love the way he looks, the way he smells, I love the way he
holds me and makes everything seem perfect! I love the way
he Kisses me and looks at me...I just love everything about
him...I love him....do you know how good it feels to be
able to say that about someone? i didnt think i was ever
ever ganna find a guy like Him! Sorry if this is
too "deep" for some of you, but this is how i feel and i
needed to get it out! Thanks for reading this and send me
some feedback!!!! Later All! ~Dani

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