Just another life
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2003-03-12 22:19:50 (UTC)

Catching up

No, I'm not depressed or even sad.
I am here to complain though. Hey it's what I do best.

There's these two chicks. Both of them are in some kind of
a relationship with two of my friends, but the two couples
aren't actually couples. They date I guess, but they don't
hold the title, like that means anything. But anyways, I
guess since my two friends are with them, and they are
friends too, the girls are trying to hook me up with one of
their friends. Now this doesn't seem too bad, considering
the girl is really cute, and she's cool and all, but one
things wrong. She's really into church and God and stuff,
which isn't bad by any means, but I'm what you'd call a
ummmmm....Pothead. Yeah. And I just don't think we would
mix too well. At first the two girls were talking about me
taking her to prom, which sounded cool. But now, they are
saying that she thinks I'm hot, but she wants to get to
know me first. Getting to know me is a bad thing. I don't
care if she knows, but I'm sure she won't want to go to
prom with me. I don't really care honestly. I would
rather go stag and just dance with all the girls, which
I'll do anyways, even if I have a date. But it's easier to
get away with it when you're single. Another problem with
me taking this girl to prom is that a friend of mine really
has the hots for her, and he's making me feel like I'm
doing something wrong, when I didn't even start this whole
thing. But I care even less about what he thinks then this
girl wanting to get to know me. I'm sorry but he's just
going to have to get over it, because she tells me she
doesn't even like him, at all. I mean, she actually
dislikes him. He's always complaining about girls not
liking him, but he's jsut too immature. He's not shy at
all, so he talks about things that are stupid, sick,
perverted, you name it. And even though he gets some
laughs, the girls talk about how weird he is behind his
back. When I try to talk to him about this, he says he
doesn't care and that he's not going to change for anyone.
Whatever. If he doesn't want to change, he can stay single.

Alright, this may have been boring, but it's all that's up.

A.K.A. Shane Waynesboro