my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-12 20:53:31 (UTC)

TRL and trading spaces

Yeah math deff sucks ass hole. I hate it… life like
revolves around it. Gerr… but anyways today was pretty
fun. I forgot snekers in gym and casey was making fun of
some girl with her butt crack hanging out it was mad
funny. Then I was supposed to go to study hall buti
forgot to whoops… instead I went to ambers class again and
ate rice crispys. They were tasty with the lb of sugar I
put on them. Then I went to lunch….. tacos. I love tacos I
just cant get enough. And then to ambers and laurens
lunch…. Oh yeah lauren wasent there humm. And kenny wanted
me to sit with him but I forgot. And then I went to
creative foods and I hate jer with a passion. It isnt even
kewl how annoying he is. And ppl thinki am obnoxiouse. I
don’t think so. Ughhh I hate him and his fucking conceted
girl friend. Ok and then I went to my locker after that
and casey had on my scarf and kenny was going through
everything. Aghhh I don’t know what to do with htat whole
situation I am suck a fucking scardy cat. Lol… I need to
fuiger it out soon though so I better hurry up. Right? I
don’t know! And now I am chowing down on pizza and
brownies and soda… heathy hu? And I have to clean the
house.. well sweep thew floors b/c ever one here is a
fucking slob…. Then do my home work. And ummm call johny
boy to see what heis up to. Oh yeah they left together
today… it hit something in me and I cared about it once
again. I hate this feeling… once again… god just tack
theses feelings away from us they are doing more harm than
Listing to: yur mom……

hell yeah i get to watch trl and trading spaces now that i
have cable i am so happy woooohooo!!!!!
listing to:juliana theory.... top of the world

i just got out of the shower.. but dont worrie i didnt wash my hair.
lol haha i am such a scum bag. and i cleaned the floors which was a
pain in the ass but i told my mom i would so there is really
nothing i can do about that.and um i am at the kitchen tabe and it
is way to high for me to type. gerrr.,...i am talking to amber...
well kinda she keeps signing off and on. and lets see i had
something to write about but i can remember. soo.... i will bbli
think. i gotta do home work.
watching:drivin.. christina agualra

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