Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2003-03-12 20:50:23 (UTC)

confusion and the little girl that couldn't

the rag monster has hit again leaving me slightly depressed.

i cant get away from old feelings. im sure you know wot im
talking about.
if you dont, go back and read between the lines.

i thought that id nipped those old flames in the bud, but
apparently they were just waiting for the most awkward time
to pop and say "hello." now im sitting here like a retard
wondering wot i should do.

my thought process has brought me back to the place that
says "run, hide, move away...anyting to avoid feeling like
a big pile of shit again."

but i cant do that right now, id have to wait until summer
to duck and cover. but that still leaves me with two more
months of doubting myself and everything around me.

i hate being like this, i feel so irrational. and feel like
im gonna cry at the drop of a hat.

its not a fun place to be in.
believe me.
its not fun.

anyhow im gonna get my mind off of things.
so peace