No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-03-12 20:48:12 (UTC)


Hey! I'm!
Actually, it's amazing that I'm breathing! I got myself in
trouble...and I owe Jess and Clayton apologies...sorry guys!
I miss my baby. I love you Terry! I wont be able to do
things with him or see him like I use to for a little
while...and I miss him. Lots. And it's all my fault...I'm
sorry Terry. I really miss him though...really badly. I
wish everything could be fine and we could hang out again...
Today was alright...had more FCAT testing and stupid junk
like that. Yeah? Not really at all. lol. Yeah and
stuff...I'm gunna jet...
Seems like I cant trust some of my own friends
anymore...thanks (sarcasm)....
Kinda reminds me of "mmmmm....thanks" I know someone out
there will laugh at that. lol.
What I wouldn't do to go back to the way things use to
be...I would give everything, do anything...
Bye guys! I love you Terry!