Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2003-03-12 19:37:21 (UTC)

bad day

This is getting quite ridiculous. God I wish it was spring
break. I got up this morning and decided to go into school
late. I get up three hours later and get to school at like
10:30. Just in time for 4th Period, right, WRONG! I
COMPLETELY forgot that it's a short day, and we get out of
school an hour early. And Scott is long gone, so I decide to
go to Ms Hayes room to find out the status of the hairstylist
for tomorrow night, and to buy Miss Fletcher tickets. She
wasn't there, and now mmy mothers going to be really pissed
at me. So I go to dance, was having a completely off day, get
dressed again, and somehow a carpenters staple, a big huge
fat metal staple gets into my shoe mysteriously, and i feel
it when I'm walking down the hall, but I don't know what it
is. so I figure I'll get whatever it is out whenI get to
class. All of a sudden pop! slice the staple goes into my
foot as I'm walking down the hallway. I get to class and this
bastard Dick is all like, NOPE! can'y let you into the
classroom unless you smile! I was like Move! get out of my
way, and he's all uh-oh! someones grumpy today! And then my
math teacher says what's your problem? Are you pretending
youur mad a Richard, why do you have to take out your
agression on him? On, and on, and on, meanwhile there's a
stabbing pain in my heel as the staple lodged in my heel digs
further and further into my skin which is already purfusely
bleeding in my shoe. I grab the staple pull as hard as I can
dislodge the jagged piece of me tal, and say no! I have a
staple stuck in my foot! As the blood of course is now
gushing onto the floor. I ask if I can go get some paper
towels, and as I leave I pass Brandon and Scott who both look
at me funny, as my face wretches in pain from the p ressure. I
go wash It off, and limp back to class, my shoe full of
toilet paper as my foot continues to bleed. When I get back i
realize I can't find all the money I was supposed to buy the
Miss Fletcher tickets with. I frantically began looking
thro ugh my stuff praying that I didin't drop it in the
hallway, and that perhaps I'd left it in the auditorium. I
began to panic and I could feel the tears swelling up. My
face got so hot, and my heart was beating so hard, and all
the while my foot is thr obbinng from the amounts of blood
filling my shoe. I think I was having a panic attack, I felt
like I was going to throw up right in the middle of class.
I ended up finding my money when I took put my
calculator to do work. I then remembered I had put it there
to avoid just such a panic attack. When I limped out of class
and told scott what had happened all he said was, well mabey
if you wore real shoes this wouldn't have happened. ( I was
wearing flat, black, felt mary janes.) This just made me more
disgruntled, and then even more so when Ms. Hayes atill
wasn't in her room. We got into his truck, he blasted the
stereo so loud I couldn't even hear what my poor throbbing
exausted brain was telling me. We got home, i got out without
our usual conversation, said a quick thanks for the ride, and
walked up to my house. And am presently sitting here. alone,
on my ass.
I should have never gotten up this morning. And if that
wasn't such a constant thought i don't think I would have.r

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