The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2003-03-12 18:22:11 (UTC)

March 12, 03 ( Joshua )

Dear Journal,

I think I found the one i luv. His name is Josh. I feel so
good when im with him. He is the one in my life. I never
thought i can find a guy that likes me so much. He's 15 but
i been withhim since he was 13. it was just not the way it
is now. He makes me feel like im a bran new person, he
listens to me, he tries really hard. I really like him and
he really likes me. You dont kno how i am feeling, it like
the way it use to be when i 1st met luke. Now though, it
feels so much realer. I dunno what it is all i kno is that
i feel. I cant see i cant hear but all i am doing is
feeling him. I cant stop thinking bout him, i cant stop
liking him, and if he only knew that i would treat him so
much better then a girl. I dunno if he suspects us
together, but im pretty sure he does. We call eachother
bro's. I dunno if that really mean that we are together,
but we've been together int he past. He is such a delicate
luver. I luv him with all my heart, iw ould probaly die fa
him. I hope he feels the same bout me. Well im bout to go.
see you later.