The Life of a 14 year old
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2003-03-12 15:50:17 (UTC)

A continuation of my messed up life

I'm going to highschool in September (a few months from
today). The only thing I have to say about that is.. I'm
scared shitless :( All my close friends (Jennie, Melissa,
Ashley, Audrey, and Kassandra) are going to different
schools. Well they're all going to St. Joe's except for
Audrey, shes going to Loretto.

Anyways.. my OTHER best friend, Cindy, is going to the
same school as me. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.
Yes, and Acandemy.. you have to audition for whatever you
think your talented in. Visual Arts, Drama, Dance,
Instrumental Music, or Vocal Music. The chances of getting
into this school are very slim. 22 of 100 I think. The
point is, you have to be pretty good. Cindy and I both
auditioned for Vocal Music.. we thought for sure we were
going to get rejected.. but we both got in!! :D

It was really hard to leave our friends behind, but this
school is amazing, and any person would kill to get
accepted to Carter. So Cindy and I took the chance, and
now we're going.

I don't wanna leave my school and friends. I don't wanna
start all over again. Regain a reputation. Regain trust.
Regain new friends. Then again, it's a chance to start
fresh, erase all my mistakes, and just start from scratch.
But I don't know if that's what i wanna do.

I'm confused. I'm scared. Help.

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