Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2003-03-12 15:48:40 (UTC)

my piss smells like candy

So, heres something to do in your spare time... Eat a LOT of
sweets... I mean LOTS. candies, soda's anything where the
sugar content exceeds the reccommended human dosage by at
least 2 times as much. (Ive found that Dr. Pepper tends to
speed up the urination process). Then when you gots ta go,
let it loose... If you have your bathroom fan off and the
door is closed (also there cant be any of those foo-foo
smelly scenty candle thingys hanging around) Your piss,
urine,pee-pee,waste water, etc will smell really groovy. I
did this experiment by accident, but feel free to try at
home...just remember to drink lots of water afterward or
Kidnry failure in inevitable.

This has been another helpful public service announcement
brought to you by the Japanese Sandman. Pleasant dreams.