Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-03-12 13:46:08 (UTC)

Wondering what the hell will happen next

Last night I walked into work and Gaynell was bending over
backwards for me and being so nice. I have no fucking
clue. Plus she wanted to know what dates I wanted off for
my trip. She didn't even know what I was planning on
taking a trip. Plus yesterday while I was at home killing
time, she called my house. Weird isn't it. I have no
clue. All I know is she was actually very nice and didn't
bitch at me about anything. I wonder. Maybe someone talked
to her. I won't even question it...

Well, off to walk so I can lose more weight for my trip to
Vegas... wish me luck... at least now I can listen to music
since I bought headphones...


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