it's mi life... like it or not..
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2003-03-12 13:12:53 (UTC)

should i or not?

i'm like soooo majorly confused right now... the denvers
cheerelading captain invited mi to join their squad... that
should be good newz rite? sometimes, i tink it iz.. but
other times, i tink it may interfere wif mi studies... wif
the o's and all that.. haiz... i'm really interested on how
they do all the stunts but i'm juz afraid that i do not
have the time... the denvers' are really good... they're
even published in one of the US cheerleading mag... and
let's face it.. cheerleading squadz in singapore are not
that good compared to like the states? they're mega tonz
better... sure, i have dance and gym background... but i'm
juz thinking that i'm not cut out to be... it's a novelty
at first.. but i was juz thinking.. what bout the long
term... since it's an out of skool tingy... haiz... y iz
life so majorily confusing... or iz it juz mi?

P.S: i'm yet to reply them... *panicz*

Anyway, cheerleading, rhythmic gymnastics and dancing
totally rulezz! (",)


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