it's mi life... like it or not..
2003-03-12 13:06:38 (UTC)

it's mi first diary entry...

Wow! i'm not really used to writing a diary online... and
right now i'm pretty down.. i was just thinking... who
would want to read a life of an average 15 yr old? hehe..
even though i hope sum of u will leave sum notes...haiz...
being sec 3 really suckz... the o's are coming... plus i'm
barely coping wif all the stuff.. cca and all that... syf
iz coming too... april 11 and our syf dance still isn't
ready... *sighz* it's sorta like a funny dance... follow
the rules... we'll also be going to acs barker to perform..
i heard the stage's quite big!!! haiz... but b4 that, i
have 4 tests coming up.. :(
muz muz try to pull through.. juz another more week.. and
we'll be free!! yay!!


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