ICCPPP's thoughts
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2003-03-12 12:12:18 (UTC)

What was I thinking....?

What the hell was I thinking? I met this really great guy
(wont say his name he knows who he is) and I totally blew
it. Yes, he is a thousand times smarter than I will ever
be. Does that have to ruin everything we said we wanna have
together? I just wanna be with him and make him happy. I
wonder if I can do that. Do i deserve him? Am I good enough
for him? A million things are runnin thru my head right
now. I apologized at least 4 times if not more and it didnt
help. I mean why does this have to be a big issue? I just
dont get it. Who knows whats gonna happen w. us now. i
probably wont ever talk to him again. Oh well, everything
happens for a reason.

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