Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-03-12 10:28:08 (UTC)


Today was another hardcore day at uni. But my creative
writing lecturer ended like 45 mins early so that at least
gave me time for a breather. well I'm not listening to any
music at the moment.. cos i am at uni. hmmm another one of
those late nights on campus.. I'm such a loner. hooray! My
creative writing tut went way too long though. I was
getting pissed off.. but it's all good now. I am hungry..
dad get's home at 10 so i'll catch like a 9:45 train and
get him to pick me up from the station at like 10:15. Well
hmm i got nothing to do for the mean time but write BS
diary entries and surf BS internet data... bring it on! I
am pretty neutral at the moment. I wish I was in my bed!