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2003-03-12 07:14:28 (UTC)

¤ My Dad ¤

we're skippin a couple of years to finish the father info..

My actual father..the man that exists today..died when i
was 10..this was the year i broke my arm...and we lived on
Division st. in Springfield Missouri....there was a flu
epedemic going around and he caught it...doctors
misdiagonosed my father from the start..and left him with
what he has father has something along the
lines of "Left Ventricular Idiopathic Hypokenisis Cardio
Myopathy" something close to that...its a mouthful..trying
telling that to the teachers at school...anyhoo he was
given like 6 months to live and the bastard has stuck
through this for almost eight freakin years...we all knew
he was stubborn but father is an
alcholic...on severe heart medications...and is a major
ass hole...he gets pissy when i dont bring boyfriends
over...which he doesnt realize he embarasses me when hes
drunk...its just an awful are like 36 years
old with three (young) kids and you are told you are going
to about them apples...yes i know his life is
tough..and days are limited by geez you think you would be
a little more kind to your daughter...thank you COX
MEDICAL life is hell...

so no more deep talk about the father...short stories tied
in with everything will just be put in from time to time

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